KAN-OKla Intertie System


KAN-OKla Intertie System

The current office headquarters for the KAN-OKla Intertie System.


Club Call Sign

Official call sign of The Great Salt Plains Amateur Radio Club. (Great Salt Plains Amateur Radio Emergency Service)


Our Fearless Leader!

Gary Gerber (KBØHH) showing us a demonstration of his fine skills.

KAN-OKla History

The Kan-Okla Intertie System started out as the Stateline Intertie System. In 2008 Mike Walz (W5ALZ) had a brainstorm; design a way to have wider repeater coverage for the Stateline Skywarn storm spotters. The Stateline Intertie System was born.

The History of the WBØOAO Kan-Okla Intertie System:

  • Requests were granted for two, likable, GSPARC repeaters; the 443.450 bunkhouse repeater and the 147.180 repeater west of Alva.
  • Assisting with the first link, an Alinco DR 610, Steve Walz (KØUO) and Gary Gerber (KBØHH) tossed in their expertise to work through troubleshooting to bring the link fully functional with 100% audio and zero looping. This was accomplished by dropping the squelch trails and changing the Alinco with an Icom F121 & 212 in the remote base configuration.
  • Space was granted on a Pioneer Cellular tower 12 miles west of Alva, OK to build a new repeater towards the Woodward area. The 443.450 repeater was moved from the bunkhouse to the new space in September 2009.
  • Realized that the two repeaters were now too close, the second repeater was moved to a new space located on the 147.30 GSPARC flagship repeater located south of Anthony, KS.
  • Aversion among Intertie members was met as many were uneasy about no longer having a standalone repeater, now faced with one that would be linked 100% of the time.
  • Once members were reassured, it was found that hams in the Pratt, KS area were interested in linking together as well to further the length of communication.
  • Assisting with the new link was Jim Zeltner* (WBØOAO) (SK) and Mike Tibbetts (NØFEK) (WØMRT), who were granted the 444.125 repeater in Havilland, KS; it was linked from Mike Walz’ home via the 147.30 in Anthony, KS.
  • In 2010 The Wichita Amateur Radio Club became interested in linking into the growing system. By February of the same year the 146.850 in Derby, KS came online via a simplex link in Norwich, KS thanks to the help of Gary Gerber. It was further tied into the 147.30 in Anthony, KS to give the system access to the greater Wichita area.
  • To shorten the linking path of the Havilland repeater, Larry England (WCØX) helped secure space on a tower in the Gyp Hills south of Medicine Lodge, KS. In March 2010 the 146.880 came online.
  • In short time problems arose from large interference from the 147.30 in Anthony, KS. A new location for the repeater would need to be found.
  • To solve the problem, paperwork was submitted to move to a Pioneer Cellular tower just west of Medford, OK. With the assistance of Steve Walz and Gary Gerber, the 147.30 site went live in March 2010. This new location would later come to serve as the southern linking hub.
  • With the new location, hams in the Enid, OK area were now able to join the system.
  • The Intertie System soon outgrew the space in Mike Walz’ backyard and was moved to a club tower 146.88 west of Alva. In 2011 that tower was taken down in a storm.
  • Cousins, Mike and Steve Walz got together to secure a new tower space 1000 feet from the previous location of the felled tower.
  • To increase coverage towards Enid, Mike Walz partnered with Tom Worth (N5LWT) to bring the 444.825 repeater online. With this move, Enid was now connected to the Intertie System 24/7.
  • Problems soon arose for Norwich, KS. After doing some research a site was located between Nashville, KS and Kingman, KS that once house the 442.025 repeater. With the aide of Jim Zeltner, whose company once owned the site, and some local ham operators, access to the site was granted to the Nashville, KS site after contact with Dwight Smitherman (KSØVFV). In August 2012 the 442.40 was online and became the linking hub to the 146.850 in Derby, KS.
  • Realizing the name Stateline Intertie System was no longer valid, it was changed to the Kan-Okla Intertie System after receiving a grant from the Kan-Okla networks. The grant was requested by Kyle Graves (KCØYOY).
  • Wanting to expand the system further, Mike Walz located and was granted the additional 146.640 repeater in Kingfisher, OK with the help of Richard Ruhl (KØGLD), president of Pioneer Telephone Cooperative Incorporated. In February 2012 the Kingfisher repeater went online, extending coverage of the system to northern Oklahoma City.
  • Enid, OK began to have major problems with interference. Working diligently, Mike Walz and Tom Worth teamed up to fix the problem.
  • Enlisting the help of Richard Ruhl, an old AT&T tower owned by Pioneer was granted to the System to link in Kingfisher, OK, solving the problem with the Enid, OK interference; soon after the 443.20 came online.
  • During this time Dave Doonan (KIØNN) and Mike Walz, along with WARC members Randy Smith and his tower service brought the 146.820 back online. John Locke (KFØM) was brought on board to help with the project.
  • By 2014, Mike Walz became unable to continue to devote time to the project. He stepped down and passed operations over to John Locke and Steve Walz.
  • Since being given power of operations, John Locke has brought Beaumont, Ponca City and Bartlesville online into the System.
  • Today the Kan-Okla Intertie System consists of 12 repeaters, and has far exceeded what Mike Walz had originally brainstormed.

*Jim Zeltner (WBØOAO) was the voice of Kan-Okla. Upon his death in 2012, Mike Walz (W5ALZ) changed the name of the system to the WBØOAO Kan-Okla Intertie System.


The KAN-OKla Intertie System in conjunction with the Great Salt Plains Amateur Radio club, is now offering ham radio testing for all license classes at:

The RSI Building
543 Main Street
Kiowa, Kansas 67070

For more info or to schedule an exam session contact:
Mike Walz at (580)430-5336

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